Guide: How to install Inspectlet on 3DCart

3DCart is a shopping cart storefront used by many Inspectlet customers. Putting Inspectlet onto your 3DCart pages just couldn’t be easier using our quick guide.

Step1 – Get to the right place

In your 3dcart store manager page click on Settings > Design > Template Editor

Step 2 – Get into the HTML code

Open up the page templates. You will want to do this step and Step #3 for each template that you are using on your site. We recommend all of them to have a seamless recording.

Step 3 – Paste the code

Paste your Inspectlet install code just above the </body> tag. (Again, we recommend doing this for all templates you’re using.)

Step 4 -Celebrate and start watching your users convert!


New: Inspectlet will now save your site’s assets

We’re thrilled to announce that Inspectlet now intelligently saves every version of your site’s assets. This improvement allows us to offer more accurate session replay than ever before, so that you’re able to see your website exactly the way it looked at the time the visitor saw it.

We’ve deployed this improvement to all users, you should be able to take advantage of it immediately.

Happy Holidays!

New: Inspectlet will now save your site’s assets

Control the Page URL Seen by Inspectlet

We just added the ability to modify the URL that Inspectlet saves for a page.

For example, you may want to change the URL to in Inspectlet’s perspective, so that you can easily identify and aggregate profile pages for heatmaps.

If it sounds like it might be useful for you, take a look at the full doc on Changing the Page URL.

Control the Page URL Seen by Inspectlet