Case Study with Blue Kangaroo

Blue Kangaroo, a social shopping website, features trending products and deals from thousands of stores. It enables users to personalize their shopping experience, create customized collections, and watch any product for a price drop alert.

Anthony Ford, Product Director at Blue Kangaroo, tells us how his team used Inspectlet to drive greater clicks and conversion rates.

With Inspectlet, testing new features has never been easier. “User session recordings and heatmaps really take the guesswork out of understanding what works and what doesn’t. Inspectlet makes it easy to see if users are utilizing features in the way we had envisioned. This is exactly what we needed: insight into our users’ mindsets. We’re seeing firsthand what our website visitors are looking for when they come to Blue Kangaroo.”

“We had weekly Inspectlet power sessions and generated entire sheets of enhancement suggestions and bug reports just from monitoring user behavior. We found everything from device-specific issues to evidence of poor user experience. Inspectlet made it easy to share these videos with other team members, streamlining the process of reporting and resolving issues across departments.”

“Inspectlet’s filters have been incredibly helpful in addressing our target audience. The ability to filter by user location, traffic source, and new and returning visitors have all been utilized in our power sessions.”









Prior to Inspectlet, Blue Kangaroo relied solely on analytic charts and graphs to better understand their users. “With Inspectlet, you’re not just seeing data on clicks and conversions. You’re watching the user as they perform these actions – or don’t. It’s like zooming in on your data reports.”

As an example, using Inspectlet, Blue Kangaroo discovered just how much time users were spending looking at products similar to the original product that they were searching for, scrolling through an infinite page of related products, but with very few interactions. Recognizing this deficiency, Blue Kangaroo improved its related products algorithm and design, leading to an 84% increase in total clicks. Related product interactions now account for over 75% of Blue Kangaroo’s total clicks.

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Case Study with Blue Kangaroo